Urban Yard Brussels front
Invest in real estate project Urban Yard(1) and receive long-term guaranteed revenues(2)

After you invest in this real-estate project, you will not only receive the guaranteed income in accordance with the REALIS DIRECT principle; your extra fixed income doesn’t even depend on a successful utilisation rate!

These Urban Yard flats are an ideal response to the large demand for short and mid-term rental flats for (international) business and tourism, proven by the fact that these brand-new flats were already running at full capacity shortly immediately after opening. This is exactly how REALIS was able to negotiate a fixed, substantial return on this Premium Selection.

It’s no coincidence that this project is the next proven concept from this international exploitation group. Working in collaboration with REALIS, this player succeeded at paying out every single euro – even in the midst of the healthcare crisis! You’ll receive your money. End of story.

And since these Urban Yard flats are located at a prime location in Brussels, the project is already a fixed value that provides nothing other than carefree safety and return levels that will make your losses pale in comparison.


Starting at4,06%net return3
Income 100%exempted in personal income tax1
Guaranteedand indexed income2
“Clever investing starts with choosing the right project. Urban Yard offers beautiful guarantees and advantages. Everyone who has given us the chance to elaborate on this project is excited about it.”
Jasper De Vis – Senior Private Real Estate Investment Advisor

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Receive unshakeable advantages in no time1
  • High demonstrable net returns starting at 4.06%3
  • Immediate income1
  • Income is exempted in personal income tax1
  • Property tax paid by the exploiter1
  • Indexed payments largely inflation-proof
  • Indexed payments largely inflation-proof2
  • Immediate, guaranteed long-term income (but you can get out whenever you want)2
  • You become the full owner (plus fixed-income rights)!
  • Returns don’t depend on the utilisation rate
  • Exploitation by professional international group and exploiter Everland
  • No maintenance nor repair costs


Dankzij het succes van deze formule, kunnen we u bovenop uw vast rendement, een EXTRA rendement bieden van € 2 500 (Super Bonus) ipv de € 1 500 (Boost Bonus) waarop u definitief hebt ingeschreven alvorens uiterlijk 31/05/2022. Voor onze geselecteerde projecten krijgt u, vanaf de akte, een vast en gewaarborgd rendement. Daarbovenop zal uw rendement van de eerste maand opgetrokken worden door REALIS met een EXTRA inkomen. Onze Super Bonus is met andere woorden een concrete en tastbare boost van uw inkomsten, bovenop het rendement dat uw investering oplevert. Onze projectspecialisten lichten u dit graag toe.

Urban Yard Brussels façade
Why does Urban Yard fit so well in your investment portfolio?

Although you’re guaranteed to receive income, the high demand for these Urban Flats – thanks, in part, to their aura of peace and serenity caused by the use of natural elements – cannot be considered a bad thing. The timeless design – with modern furniture, and especially, an abundance of green – make this Urban Yard an amazing eye-catcher. You feel like you’re in a refined jungle: the courtyard and the extensive terrace are perfect places to find your inner serenity in the midst of Brussels’ bustling city life. Moreover, visitors can make use of the spacious lobby (open 24/7), a breakfast lounge, a space for exclusive events, bicycle rental, etc. The Urban Flats concept is a prized, future-oriented project, ideal for investors.

Urban Yard... the movie
Urban Yard... een echte zen-investering!

Geniet mee en proef de sfeer in deze movie van het topproject Urban Yard in Brussel.

This exceptional project was carefully selected by real-estate specialist REALIS and has received the previously mentioned RIS quality label. In addition to the surprising guarantees, the immediate, demonstrable high net returns, and the many advantages, the project has the perfect location and reputation, while enjoying many provisions and services on demand. Furthermore, you as the investor don’t have to be a manager; the clever projects you own are wholly managed by the international group and exploiter Everland. They take care of all practical, daily matters, such as the professional maintenance of your flat and finding renters, making this a genuine ‘Zen investment’ (safe, carefree, profitable). There are only advantages here!

Why the exploiter will pay you a guaranteed fixed income, regardless of utilisation rates? There are 6 strong reasons why Urban Yard is guaranteed to enjoy top utilisation rates:

  1. Flexible living in today and tomorrow’s new mode of living. City flats are a response to the large short and mid-term business and tourism (international) rental demand.
  2. Located close to the train, metro, and tram.
  3. At walking distance from the city centre of Brussels.
  4. Nearby all tourist sights.
  5. Close to many cosy restaurants and bars.
  6. New up-and-running proven concept of calmness in a bustling city.
Discover Urban Yard

Urban Yard
Aviation Square 6 - 12
1070 - Brussels

Urban Yard opened its easily accessible doors on the Luchtvaartsquare in Brussels. Walking into the centre takes less than ten minutes, and train, metro, and tram stations are just around the corner. The new number 3 metro line will also be traversing the city centre from north to south.

Additionally, the southern location close to the centre offers an authentic environment with trendy fashion retailers, charming food and antiques markets, cute shops and cosy bars – all at walking distance.

In short, the ideal location from which to explore Brussels as a tourist or for a business stay.

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Urban design information: mixed area; areas of cultural, historical, aesthetic value or city embellishment; alongside a structured space. Full urban design information:  urban design information, can be acquired in print (free of charge).

(1) Conditions and information on request.
(2) Guaranteed by the exploiter during running time contract.
(3) Average at 26 years, without financing. Simulation based on specific parameters. Conditions on request.

The information provided on this website is purely informative, not contractual. REALIS Immo NV, Scheldestraat 9, 2000 Antwerp BIV 504.897.

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