At the helm of REALIS, you will find Peter Vanmaldeghem and Jason Jacobs, two real estate experts with a tremendous amount of experience. Under the motto 'If you can dream it, you can do it', Peter started over 20 years ago.

The innovative key to REALIS’ success? All-in formulas for residential real estate, no fine print, simple concepts and high returns. REALIS consciously swam against the current with this concept, consequently forged its own way and did not avoid any challenges.
Peter and Jason’s main goal? To prove that safe and carefree investing can go hand in hand with strong, guaranteed returns.

20 years of REALIS, 20 years of expertise: the REALIS guarantee

Every real estate project is thoroughly deliberated down to the smallest detail by REALIS.
By holding on to its core value, REALIS has become a trendsetting player with ingenious project formulas in many real estate niches: hotel real estate, student housing, care related real estate, etc.


Guaranteed rental income, renting and management handled by a professional partner and a realistic view of added value make of REALIS’ real estate projects profitable, safe and carefree investments.


Clarity and personality are the key words of the REALIS real estate specialists. They specify every project down to the last detail. Independent & expert customised real estate advice guaranteed!


REALIS extensively screens all projects for location, added value, return, price-quality ratio and quality aspects and uses the strictest standards to do so.


REALIS started with classic new flats, but was soon playing a pioneer role by, for example, breaking open the student housing and care related real estate niches with its characteristic ingenious formulas. In addition, REALIS also offers solutions in hotel real estate and maintains the ambition to creatively tap into new niches and formulas.


Thanks to REALIS' ingenious strategy, the company has grown from a one-man operation to a full-grown KMO.

Supervisory authority
The Institute of Professional Real Estate Agents - Luxemburgstraat 16 B - 1000 Brussels
Subjected to BIV guidelines.

Recognised real estate agent-mediator
BIV-number: 504897 (Belgium)
Company number: BE 0477 138 149

Professional liability insurance and guarantee AXA Belgium 7303793800508

Brokering for real estate sales:
3.63 % à 12.1% (incl. VAT) on selling price obtained, depending on the terms to be discussed.

Mediation for renting out real estate:
10.07 % à 12.10 % (incl. VAT) on rental price obtained for the rental term of more than one year, depending on the terms to be discussed.