Every real estate project at REALIS means success and this has been true for the past 24 years. By maintaining its core values and success formula, REALIS has become a permanent value on the market. The central thread through 24 years of real estate at REALIS?
Real estate specialists with a passion for their profession and the goal to connect investors with real estate.
At REALIS no empty promises are made; investing is done REALIStically here.

24 jaar ervaring


Profitable, safe and carefree investments

Investing in erratic share prices or relying on the stagnating interest on bank accounts is a risk. Real estate is a reliable and smart alternative for your savings. Due to the guaranteed rental income, the property management provided by a professional partner and the prospective added value, all investments at REALIS are profitable, safe and carefree.

Personal approach

The real estate specialists at REALIS (Real Estate Investment Advisors) always do everything they can to speak with clients at length. Clarity is the key word here. The specialists specify each project down to the last detail. For independent and expert customised real estate advice, REALIS is the place to go!

Qualitative real estate

REALIS makes it a point of honour to offer exclusively qualitative real estate projects. In order to realise that, REALIS has developed its own quality label over the years: the RIS label (REALIS Investment Selection). This is used to extensively screen all projects for location, added value, return, price-quality ration and quality aspects.


Right from the start, REALIS has been an innovative real estate agent. By eliminating fine print and emphasising transparency, REALIS has played a pioneering role with respect to all-in investment formulas within the real estate sector. That was not all, of course. Within the different real estate branches, REALIS also reinvented itself. In addition to classic real estate, REALIS also specialised in niche real estate like care related real estate, student housing and newly constructed real estate. By now, hotel rooms are also part of the extensive REALIS selection. Each one is a top investment!


It is clear that REALIS’ transparent, personal strategy works. An average investment process with REALIS covers a longer period. During the phase before the sale, the projects are subjected to a strict selection process, they are prepared for sale at the right time and the client gets a customised total formula. But even after the project delivery, REALIS continues to follow the value-evolution to assist its client with any sale. By not rushing into things, REALIS grew from a one-man company into a leading KMO within the real estate sector.

Do you have a question about investing in one of the real estate projects or would you like to make an appointment with REALIS project specialist?

Email them at: contact@realis.be or call toll-free: 0800 92 000.

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Heeft u een vraag over investeren of wonen in één van de REALIS-projecten en wenst u meer informatie of een vrijblijvende afspraak met een van onze ervaren projectspecialisten?

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