Since its inception, REALIS has been looking for niche real estate so that it could offer the highest net return on the market. By opting for real estate with future prospects, REALIS strives for a profitable and safe investment. With over 20 years of experience, REALIS knows the ins and outs of the business, so that investments can be made without worries.

Investing with REALIS, investing in the future

REALIS does not offer just any type of real estate.
All REALIS projects are subjected to strict conditions. REALIS’ experienced experts carefully screen and analyse the relationship between quality, feasibility, profit rate, comfort level and other aspects that determine not only the value of your investment, but also the future and sustainability of every project. Whether you opt for one unit or an entire complex, the REALIS specialists always put 100% into every project.

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Ontdek hoe u zelf uw nettorendement kunt berekenen

Vanaf nu ziet u geen enkele kost meer over het hoofd dankzij de degelijke leidraad van REALIS. Kosten, opbrengsten, belastingen… Wij nemen alles in acht en bieden u een handig stappenplan waarop u op elk moment kunt terugvallen.

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Investing with REALIS, invest in the future

  1. Opt for a reliable partner.
  2. Opt for real estate that offers certainties.
  3. Opt for a strong relationship between return and safety.
  4. Opt for a top location.
  5. Opt for new construction.
  6. Leave the management and rental of your real estate to the professionals.
  7. Let yourself be informed sufficiently and correctly.
  8. Look for an investment where you will become the owner in full ownership.
  9. Opt for real estate investment that doesn't require a large amount of capital.
  10. Opt for real estate investment as an alternative to unstable stock prices and the negligible returns of your savings account.