The REALIS reference program has been launched to thank it’s loyal customers. Those who successfully introduce their network to the REALIS projects will be rewarded. REALIS attaches a tremendous value to customers and their references.

What does the program entail exactly? Those who have already invested in one of the REALIS projects and who can provide a reference that also invests with REALIS will receive a beautiful reward1.1.

Do you know someone who is interested in a real estate investment?

Let us know and send - before your reference invests at REALIS - an e-mail with your contact details
and that of your reference (name, telephone number and e-mail address) to

Realis referentieprogramma

(1) Reference program subject to general conditions: You will receive a one-off beautiful gift,  ie € 200 if you act as a reference for another purchase customer, who in turn invests for an amount in excess of € 150,000 (excluding costs) at REALIS. You will receive this gift once per new purchase customer that you make and as soon as the deed is past . Only on condition that you have provided us with the contact details of the person before that person has made a purchase. This gift can be picked up in the REALIS office.