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Hassle-free investing in a care property

Rehabilitation Campus Prinsenhof (1) offers everything that people with or without care needs require. The brand-new care flats are fully equipped so residents can recover in complete tranquillity following a stay in hospital. But it is also an attractive project for investors. Rehabilitation Campus PrinsenhofDiscover this unique opportunity to make your money render in a carefree, profitable and safe manner.

vanaf4,30 %net yield(2)
guaranteed incomeover the long term(3)
Prices from (4)€ 142,224
Rehabilitation campus Prinsenhof
Built with care
Rehabilitation Campus Prinsenhof has a cosy brasserie with a spacious terrace and a large garden. The green site features two further caretakers' houses, a swimming pool and a physiotherapy room. Attention has also been given to sufficient parking spaces and a bicycle shed. And of course, a premium kitchen is an absolute must! The stylishly furnished care flats on the habilitation campus all have their own bathroom. The complete design of this project has been adapted to the necessities of residents with care needs, so that everyone feels at home.
A socially-responsible investment
Not only is Rehabilitation Campus Prinsenhof a smart investment, it is also a socially responsible one. As an investor, you benefit from 100% guaranteed income (3), while at the same time giving something back to society. The government does not have sufficient resources to finance rehabilitation centres such as Rehabilitation Campus Prinsenhof. Thanks to your investment, projects like these have a bright future.
  • net yield from 4.30%(2)
  • no withholding tax on property(3)
  • VAT-neutral purchase(5)
  • income exempt from personal income tax(1)
  • immediate yield
  • purchase  in full ownership
  • guaranteed income over the long term(2)
  • inflation-proof  income thanks to indexation 
  • no  risk of vacancy 
  • professionally managed by the  Zorgdorpen  non-profit association
  • diversified rent potential
  • all the advantages of owning property, without the disadvantages 
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A smart location

Kruisstraat 28-30
9600 Ronse

Location is always a crucial factor when it comes to property, but it is even more important for rehabilitation centres.
Everyone - including residents with disabilities - needs to be able to access the accommodation easily.

In addition, a hospital needs to be close by. With this in mind, Rehabilitation Campus Prinsenhof has been built right next to GH Glorieux.

You will also find the Main Square and Ronse station within walking distance.

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(1) Terms and conditions on request.
(2) Average after 28 years, without financing. Excl. surplus value. Simulation based on specific parameters. Terms and conditions on request.
(3) Guaranteed by the developer Belzis for the term of the contract.
(4) Excl. costs and VAT.
(5) According to current legislation. Terms and conditions on request or via

Town planning information: permit issued. Residential development area. No judicial or administrative measure imposed. No right of pre-emption. Land-use plan "Demarcation of the micropolitan area". Ronse-demarcation line Area. No parcelling permit. 

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