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B. Terms of use

1. Intellectual property rights
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2. Limited liability
The information on the website is of a general nature. REALIS IMMO NV makes reasonable efforts to ensure that the information provided is complete, correct, accurate and up-to-date. Despite these efforts, inaccuracies may occur in the information provided. REALIS IMMO BV is not obligated to keep the information up-to-date. REALIS IMMO NV cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of the information on this website. If you detect any inaccuracies in the information provided via this website, you may contact the manager of this website.

All data provided relies on information received from the owners and developers of the relevant real estate and our careful searches. REALIS IMMO NV does not confirm the correctness or completeness of this information.

The content of this website cannot be considered in any way as an offer for sale, rent or acquisition that could bind the relevant owner or developer upon acceptance. The written approval from the owner, seller or lessor is explicitly required for this. We do everything we can to provide reliable and regularly updated real estate files on the website. However, REALIS IMMO NV cannot be held liable for any errors in the content of the file or if the property is no longer available at the time you see the ad. We therefore strongly recommend you check the accuracy of the information and availability of the property yourself, before making any decision (purchase, rental, acquisition, etc.), by contacting REALIS IMMO NV and finding out all (special/specific) conditions (VAT rate, exemption from real estate tax, return, fiscal benefits and, more specifically, all characteristics of an offer of a real estate property without any limitation) from an adviser, to check the accuracy and/or completeness.

REALIS IMMO NV does not guarantee the proper functioning of the website and can in no way be held liable for faulty functioning or the temporary or permanent unavailability of the website or for any form of damage that may result directly or indirectly from access to or the use of the website. The content of the website (including links) may be taken offline, adjusted, amended or added to at any time, either partially or in its entirety.

REALIS IMMO NV can in no way be held liable to anyone for direct or indirect damage due to the use of this website or any information provided on this website, or another website to which this website provides links to one or more pages.

In no circumstance is REALIS IMMO NV liable for consequential damage, lost profit, work interruptions, damage to programs or other data on the computer system, or for damage to equipment, software or other assets of the user.

REALIS IMMO NV provides no guarantee (rental, profit or other) and can in no way be held liable for damage that may result from any guarantees, operating conditions or qualification of the agreement(s) provided by the selling party or another party, involved in the project. REALIS IMMO NV declares to have no control or decision-making powers over the guarantees or concrete operating conditions that are provided about the guarantees or concrete operational conditions that are provided to (prospective) buyers by the selling party or by another party, which are related to the sale of the real estate properties in which REALIS IMMO NV acts as the real estate agent. REALIS IMMO NV has no authority or liability for the editing of the documents that come with the execution of the projects in which they act as real estate agent for the sale of the property and can therefore in no way be seen as a directly involved party in this. Only the selling party or other party involved in the project that has provided the guarantee and determined the prices, income, returns, etc., or the exploitation model and has drawn up the documents use for this, can be held liable for or the commitments and obligations resulting from this.

REALIS IMMO MV offers only qualitative investments in investment properties where the investor always has the option to exercise his own right of enjoyment to his individual entity in accordance with the (legal) conditions provided for this. These terms and conditions differ per project and are explained explicitly in advance to every prospective investor. For additional information about this, the REALIS IMMO team is always available. REALIS IMMO’s investments therefore do not come under the scope of the Act of 16 June 2006.

3. Links
The website may contain hyperlinks to websites or pages of third parties, or indirectly refer to them. Placing links to these websites or pages in no way implicates approval of its content. REALIS IMMO NV explicitly declares that it has no control over the content or any other characteristics of the websites. It can in no way be held liable for damage resulting from the content or the characteristics of these websites.

4. Applicable law and authorised court
Belgian law applies to this website and to any disputes that may arise from it. In the event of a dispute, only the courts in Antwerp are authorised.


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